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PhD, Professor Auxiliar, MIEEE

Research Field:

Image & Video Analysis, Processing and Coding





António M. G. Pinheiro, PhD, MIEEE, is a lecture at U.B.I. (University of Beira Interior), Covilha, Portugal.  For his thesis, Shape approximation and retrieval using scale-space techniques, achieved under the supervision of Prof. Mohammed Ghanbari, he received the PhD in Electronic Systems Engineering from University of Essex in 2002.

He is the coordinator of the Optics Center of UBI. He is also the coordinator of the research Group Multimedia, Image and Computer Systems of the Remote Sensing Unit. He is a Portuguese representative of the European Union Actions COST IC1003, QUALINET–  European Network on Quality of Experience in Multimedia Systems and Services, COST IC1206, DE-ID - De-identification for privacy protection in multimedia content and BM1304, Applications of MR imaging and spectroscopy techniques in neuromuscular disease: collaboration on outcome measures and pattern recognition for diagnostics and therapy development, and was a Portuguese representative of COST – 292, Semantic Multimodal Analysis of Digital Media.

Prof. Antonio Pinheiro has lectured several courses on Signal and Image Processing and on Digital Systems Design and Microprocessors.


 [Research] [Selected Publications] [Teaching]


   Multimedia Semantic Annotation and Retrieval

   Image Analysis, Processing and Recognition

   Computer Vision

   Multimedia Technology

   Multimedia Hardware Development

   Image and Video Coding



 (Students/Researchers are welcome if they want to join these projects)

   SAMI - Semantic Annotation of Multimedia Information

   3DVAP – 3D Video Analysis and Processing

   QoEMS - Quality of Experience in Multimedia Systems

   MIA - Medical Image Annotation

   MISA - Medical Image Segmentation and Analysis

   HDIPA - Hardware Development for Image Processing and Analysis



     Journal Publications

·        A L Cardoso, A Barbosa, F Silva, AMG Pinheiro, H Proença, " Iris Biometrics: Synthesis of Degraded Ocular Images", IEEE Transactions on Information Forensic and Security, Vol. 8, No. 7, July, 2013


·        Antonio M. G. Pinheiro and Mohammed Ghanbari, "Piecewise Approximation of Contours through Scale-space Selection of Dominant Points", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Vol. 19, No. 6, June, 2010


·        António M. G. Pinheiro, Mohammed Ghanbari, ”Scale space Contour Approximation for Shape Similarity Evaluation”, WSEAS Transaction on Computers, Issue 3, Vol. 3, 819-824, July 2004


     Book Chapters

·        U. Reiter, K. Brunnstrom, K. De Moor, M-C. Larabi, M. Pereira, A. Pinheiro, J. You, A. Zgank, “Factors Influencing Quality of Experience”, In Quality of Experience: Advanced Concepts, Applications and Methods. Springer, pages 45-60, January 2014

·        António M. G. Pinheiro"Image Annotation using Scale-Space Edge Pixels Direction Histogram", In Advances in Semantic Media Adaptation and Personalization, Volume 2. CRC Press, March 2009


    Conference Proceedings

·        Marco Bernardo, Antonio Pinheiro, Manuela Pereira, Paulo Fiadeiro, "Objective Evaluation Of Chromatic Quality Assessment", IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME 2013), San Jose, Cal., U.S.A., July, 2013


·        Marco Bernardo, Antonio Pinheiro, Manuela Pereira, Paulo Fiadeiro, "Specific Chromatic Errors: A Quality Assessment", 5th International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX - 2013), Klagenfurt, Austria, July, 2013


·        Rui Braz, J. Moutinho, Mario M. Freire, Antonio M. G. Pinheiro, Manuela Pereira, “Gland segmentation of Breast Ultrasound Exams in Image Processing”, SPIE Medical Imaging 2013, Orlando, Florida, Feb. 2013.


·        Rui Braz, Antonio M. G. Pinheiro, J. Moutinho, Mario M. Freire, Manuela Pereira, "Breast Ultrasound Images Gland Segmentation", in 2012 IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing, Santander, Spain, Sept., 2012.


·        Rafael Rodrigues, Antonio Pinheiro, Rui Braz, Manuela Pereira, J. Moutinho, "Towards Breast Ultrasound Image Segmentation using Multi-resolution Pixel Descriptors", in 21th IAPR International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Tsukuba, Japan, November, 2012


·        Antonio M. G. Pinheiro, "Tracking sport video shots Region of Interest using the Angular Orientation Partition Descriptor", in The 3rd International Workshop on Benchmark Test Schemes for AR/MR Geometric Registration and Tracking Method (TrakMark), 21th IAPR International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Tsukuba, Japan, November, 2012


·        Marco Bernardo, Antonio Pinheiro, Paulo Fiadeiro, Manuela Pereira, "A study on the user perception to color variations", 20th ACM Multimedia, Nara, Japan, November, 2012


·        Ivo Soares, Miguel Castelo-Branco and Antonio M. G. Pinheiro, "Curvature Detection and Segmentation of Retinal Exudates", in International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), 2012 , Barcelona, Spain, May, 2012.


·        Anna Wojnar and Antonio M. G. Pinheiro, "Annotation of Medical Images using the SURF Descriptor", in International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), 2012 , Barcelona, Spain, May, 2012.


·        Ivo Soares, Miguel Castelo-Branco and  Antonio M. G. Pinheiro, "Scale-space curvature detection of retinal exudates with a dynamic threshold", Image and Signal Processing and Analysis (ISPA), 2011 7th International Symposium on, pp.523-528, 4-6 Sept. 2011


·        Ivo Soares, Miguel Castelo-Branco and  Antonio M. G. Pinheiro, " Exudates Dynamic Detection in Retinal Fundus Images Based on the Noise Map Distribution", in European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO-2011), Barcelona, Spain, August-September 2011.


·        António M. G. Pinheiro, "Performance Analysis of the Edge Pixel Orientation Histogram", WIAMIS 2010, Desenzano del Garda, Italy, April 2010


·        António M. G. Pinheiro, "The Angular Orientation Partition Edge Descriptor", IEEE Conference ICASSP 2010, Dallas, Texas, March 2010


·        Antonio M. G. Pinheiro, "Image Descriptors based on the Edge Orientation", In SMAP 2009, San Sebastian, Spain, December 2009


·        António M. G. Pinheiro"Local Adaptive Nonlinear Diffusion", IEEE Conference ICIP 2008, San Diego, California, October 2008


·        António M. G. Pinheiro"Image Description using Scale-Space Edge Pixels Direction Histogram ", IEEE Conference SMAP 2007, London, December 2007


·        Antonio M. G. Pinheiro, "Identification of similar shape contours based on the curvature extremes description”, IEEE Conference ICIP 2005, Genova, Italy, September 2005


·        António M. G. Pinheiro and Mohammed Ghanbari"Contour Simplification using Non-Linear Diffusion", IEEE Conference ICIP 2004, Singapore, October 2004


·        António M. G. Pinheiro and Mohammed Ghanbari"Scalable coding of shape contours in scale space", IEEE Conference ICIP 2002, Rochester, N.Y., September 2002


·        António M. G. Pinheiro and Mohammed Ghanbari"Scale-Space Shape Comparison Suitable for Shape Based Retrieval", RECPAD 2002, Aveiro, Portugal, June 2002


·        António M. G. Pinheiro and Mohammed Ghanbari"Piecewise Approximation of Curves using Non-linear Diffusion in Scale-space", Proceedings of SPIE,  Internet Multimedia Management Systems, Boston, MA, November 2000


·        António M. G. Pinheiro, Ebroul Izquierdo and Mohammed Ghanbari, "Shape Matching using a Curvature Based Polygonal Approximation in Scale-Space", IEEE Conference ICIP 2000, Vancouver, B.C., September 2000


·        E. Izquierdo, A. M. G. Pinheiro, and M. Ghanbari, “A robust and e_cient scale-space based metric for the evaluation of image segmentation", in IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems ISCAS 2000, Geneva, Switzerland, May 2000.







Lectured Courses

Tutorial (in Portuguese)

-      Introdução aos Sinais

-      Filtros Analógicos e Digitais

-      Sinais Aleatórios e Estimação Linear

-      Processamento e Análise  de Imagem I

-      Processamento e Análise de Imagem II

-      Introdução ao Reconhecimento de Padrões

-      Modulação de Sinais (incompleto)


-      Sistemas Combinacionais (cc1, cc2, cc3)

-      Circuitos MSI (msi1, msi2)

-      Aritmética Binária (ab1)

-      Sistemas Sequenciais (Introdução) (cs1)

-      Memórias e Arquitectura de Microprocessadores (mac)


-      Introdução

-      Arquitectura de Microprocessadores

-      Hierarquia de Memória

-      Sistemas de Entrada/Saída

-      Pipelines; Super-Escalaridade

-      RISC/CISC

-      Programação do i8086

-      Hardware do i8086

-      Evolução da Família x86

Seminars (in Portuguese)




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