Located on Serra da Estrela slopes, facing east, Covilhã offers to the visitors a beautiful view, it is almost like a majestic amphitheater framed by mountains.

Discover Covilhã it is like discovering the history of textile industry in Portugal. The University of Beira Interior is currently implemented in former factory buildings of high historical value, cultural and architectural heritage, which have been converted into modern facilities for teaching and research. Respect for the past has marked the philosophy of the institution, which contributed significantly for the city and region rehabilitation, through structures such as the Wool Museum, housed in the Royal Textile Factory, established by the Marquês de Pombal.

Located in the mountains, it has a snowy winter scene unique in Portugal where is possible to practice all kinds of winter sports, like snowboarding or skiing. The mountain resort lies at 2000 meters high and offers skiing facilities. There are several touristic places in the mountains, as restaurants, hotels and apartments.

Covilhã has an area of over 550 km2 and its population is estimated at 54,506 inhabitants. If it is considered that student population is around 6600 students, it is possible to say that the university is one of the main economic, social and cultural drivers of the city, offering it several activities from the academic community throughout the whole year.

UBI also contributes to attracting new investment to the region, contributing to its economic growth, encouraging trade and tourism. In parallel, it revert the exodus of young people by reversing the flow of migration, thus ensuring a young and qualified population prepared to meet all the challenges inherent to any society in any city anywhere in the world.