Unidade de Investigação
Materiais Têxteis e Papeleiros
Unit of Textile and Paper Materials

The general objective of the Unit is to do fundamental and applied research in the main domain of “Materials Science and Engineering” and more specifically in the following three sub-domains: “Textile Science and Technology”; “Paper Science and Technology”; and “Chemistry and Physical Sciences”.

The final purpose is therefore in better design and optimization of all processes involved in the textile and paper manufacturing industries, from the search of new materials to the improvement of existing ones, in looking for new technologies and processes, and in improvement of the final product and development of new ones with specific characteristics. Ecological issues are an additional focus of research within the Unit since those processes must contribute to a cleaner environment.

The research activities of the Unit are organized in 3 Groups:
· Textile
· Paper
· Fundamental Sciences.

The first two groups are more motivated to applied research and have established cooperative relationships with the local and national Textile and Paper industries. The third group serves as support to the activities of the former groups in matters related to fundamental knowledge in the Chemistry, Physics and Engineering areas.

Interdisciplinary activities are guaranteed with Unit researchers originated from various Departments within Universidade da Beira Interior, namely: Textile Engineering; Paper and Chemical Engineering; Chemistry; Physics; Mathematics; and Electromechanical Engineering. The Unit is unique in the sense of integrating the Applied Research perspective, and the large experimental facilities typical of the Textile and Paper industries, with the Fundamental Sciences point of view of Chemistry, Physics and Engineering.


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