Hugo Torres Vieira


Estrada Municipal 506
6200-284 Covilhã

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About me

I am the executive director of the C4 - Cloud Computing Competence Centre of the Universidade da Beira Interior. Previously I was at IMT Lucca, before that at Universidade de Lisboa, and even before that at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, where I also did my PhD in Computer Science and my BSc in Computer Science Engineering at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology.

Research Statement

Provide tools and techniques that help to improve the design of reliable software and save on development costs, relying on formal models and rigorous analysis techniques. One goal for the immediate future is the development of techniques that support the automatic generation of correct by construction code based on easier and faster to write higher-level specifications. Domain specific languages may be used to achieve this goal by providing specialised abstractions that reduce the development time and increase reliability via certified compilation techniques.


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Emilio Tuosto | Luís Caires | Carla Ferreira | João C. Seco | Jorge A. Pérez | Lúcio Ferrão | Pedro Baltazar | Vasco T. Vasconcelos | Silvia Ghilezan | Svetlana Jakšić | Jovanka Pantović | Luca Padovani | Claudio Antares Mezzina | Rocco De Nicola | Marco Carbone | Fabrizio Montesi | Ivan Prokić | Yehia Abd Alrahman | Zorica Savanović | Letterio Galletta






BETTY (COST Action IC1201)
Liveness, Statically (PTDC/EIA-CCO/117513/2010)
INTERFACES (Carnegie-Mellon|Portugal NGN 44 - 2009-2012)
StreamLine (PTDC/EIA-CCO/104583/2008 - 2010-2012)
IP Sensoria (EU IST FP6 - 2005-2009)
FET Profundis (FET IST 2001-33100)
POLY (POSI 34398/2000)


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