I am a geophycisist working on active volcanoes in extensional and intraplate settings as Iceland or Cape Verde.
Recently, the integration of multi-disciplinary data sets led me to show the tidal influence on volcanic activity. More results coming soon!

Instituto Dom Luiz

Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL) is a research Associate Laboratory that focuses on the use of quantitative science to unravel our Planet’s Dynamics and to respond to major societal challenges posed by Climate Change, a sustainable use of Earth and Energy Resources, and exposure to Natural Hazards.


During my postdoctoral fellowship at University of Iceland, I took part in FUTUREVOLC project, a 26-partner project funded by the European Commission, addressing the topic of "Long-term monitoring experiment in geologically active regions of Europe prone to natural hazards: the Supersite concept".

New Research Topic in Frontiers in Earth Sciences !!

If you are interested in external forcing influencing volcanoes and volcanic processes at diverse time scales,

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