MSc  [45]




- Development of a system for logistics management of a biomass park to supply a large pellet production unit, MSc, J.T.P. da Costa, FEUP, 07-2019 (concluded successfully).


- Optimal operation of a rooftop photovoltaic electric vehicle parking lot, MSc, H.M.D. Espassandim, FEUP, 07-2019 (concluded successfully).


- Load management in a smart house, MSc, G.C.B.R. Carvalho, FEUP, 02-2019 (concluded successfully).




- Operation of distribution systems including electric vehicles and renewable energy sources, MSc, P.D.L. Coimbra, FEUP, 07-2018 (concluded successfully).


- Hybrid methodology for forecasting electricity market prices with renewable integration, MSc, V.M.A. Campos, FEUP, 07-2018 (concluded successfully).


- Demand side management in a smart distribution electric network including renewable energies, MSc, B.J.M.F. Silva, FEUP, 07-2018 (concluded successfully).


- Using renewable-based microgrid capabilities for power system restoration, MSc, J.P.P. Carvalho, FEUP, 07-2018 (concluded successfully).


- Dynamic distribution system reconfiguration to improve system reliability considering renewables and energy storage, MSc, C.M.M.P. Santos, FEUP, 07-2018 (concluded successfully).


- Effects of optimally deploying large-scale energy storage systems on electric transmission systems: a Portuguese case study, MSc, A.F.P. Silva, FEUP, 07-2018 (concluded successfully).


- Evaluating the economic impact of tertiary reserve exchanges between Iberian TSO: Essay on European energy market integration, MSc, M.F.M.S. Cruz, FEUP, 07-2018 (concluded successfully).


- The impact of wind power on the intraday market price: the Iberian perspective, MSc, J.V.G.A.V. Costa, FEUP, 07-2018 (concluded successfully).


- Implementing dynamic system reconfiguration with renewables considering future grid technologies: a real case study, MSc, J.F.S. Pogeira, FEUP, 01-2018 (concluded successfully).


- The challenges of electric mobility in Portugal in a context of smart cities, MSc, M.J.M. Fraga, FEUP, 01-2018 (concluded successfully).


- Optimal demand response program for flexible ramps markets, MSc, N.G.S. Soares, FEUP, 01-2018 (concluded successfully).




- Energy quality: decentralized production, challenges and solutions, MSc, J.E.M. Rodrigues, FEUP, 09-2017 (concluded successfully).


- Modeling a decentralized market-based scheme for responsive demands, MSc, T.S. Garcia, FEUP, 07-2017 (concluded successfully).


- Methodology for economic dispatch and unit commitment considering renewable energy resources integration in insular systems, MSc, M.D.B. Silva, FEUP, 07-2017 (concluded successfully).


- Finding the best demand response strategy for power systems including renewable energy resources, MSc, M.F.M.P. Ribeiro, FEUP, 07-2017 (concluded successfully).


- Operational analysis of distribution systems featuring large-scale variable RES: contributions of energy storage systems and switchable capacitor banks, MSc, M.P.S. Pereira, FEUP, 07-2017 (concluded successfully).


- Prolonging life of a power transformer through scheduling of electric vehicles charging in an insular industrial unit with photovoltaic microgeneration, MSc, J.P.A.E. Santo, FEUP, 07-2017 (concluded successfully).


- Dynamic reconfiguration of distribution network systems featuring large-scale intermittent power sources, MSc, F.V. Dantas, FEUP, 07-2017 (concluded successfully).


- Energy optimization of household equipment in the residential sector in Portugal through model predictive control, MSc, J.M.F. Silva, FEUP, 07-2017 (concluded successfully).




- Benefits of coordinating distribution network reconfiguration with distributed generation and energy storage systems, MSc, M.R.M. Cruz, FEUP, 07-2016 (concluded successfully).


- Hybrid methodology for forecasting electricity prices and wind power, MSc, J.N.D.L. Gonçalves, FEUP, 07-2016 (concluded successfully).




- Optimal behavior of a PEV parking lot in renewable-based power systems, MSc, F.A.S. Gil, UBI, 07-2015 (concluded successfully).


- Model predictive control technique for energy optimization of domestic equipment in the residential sector, MSc, D.J.S. Oliveira, UBI, 07-2015 (concluded successfully).


- Coordination between energy storage, reversible-hydro and wind energy in electricity markets, MSc, T.A.M. Tavares, UBI, 07-2015 (concluded successfully).


- Decision-making under uncertainty for market bidding strategies of wind and photovoltaic technologies, MSc, R.F.M. Martins, UBI, 07-2015 (concluded successfully).


- Distribution system reconfiguration considering smart-grid enabling technologies, MSc, M.F. Medeiros, UBI, 07-2015 (concluded successfully).




- ZigBee network for monitoring loads in low voltage boards, MSc, T.F.G. Caramelo, UBI, 10-2014 (concluded successfully).


- New multiobjective decision support methodology for distribution systems reconfiguration problems, MSc, S.F. Santos, UBI, 07-2014 (concluded successfully).




- Monitoring and intelligent control of home energy consumption, MSc, T.D.P. Mendes, UBI, 10-2013 (concluded successfully).


- Importance of the proper operation of electromechanical equipment in a water treatment and supply company, MSc, J.F. Calais, UBI, 07-2013 (concluded successfully).




- Analysis of an investment project on nuclear energy in Portugal, MSc, P.T. Flores, UBI, 11-2011 (concluded successfully).


- Novel hybrid methodology to predict energy prices and wind power in the short-term, MSc, G.J. Osório, UBI, 07-2011 (concluded successfully).




- Energy micro-generation: technical and economic study under the new Portuguese legislation, MSc, S. Saraiva, UBI, 11-2010 (concluded successfully).


- Plastic injection machines: installation, protection and quality control, MSc, P.J.M. Esteves, UBI, 11-2010 (concluded successfully).


- Contribution to wind power investment decisions in Cape Verde, MSc, E. Freire, UBI, 07-2010 (concluded successfully).


- Study of components, control mechanisms and probabilistic reliability models of wind energy systems, MSc, D.S. Costa, UBI, 07-2010 (concluded successfully).




- Conversion of energy in small hydro systems: study of technologies and assessment of the hydroelectric potential, MSc, M.M.C. Correia, UBI, 09-2009 (concluded successfully).


- Maintenance of frequency converters within a power and automation company, MSc, N.M.F. Pinto, UBI, 09-2009 (concluded successfully).


- Hydroelectric system: hydraulic valves, synchronous generator and speed regulator, MSc, D.D. Almeida, UBI, 07-2009 (concluded successfully).


- New approach for the optimal scheduling of hydro systems: mixed integer nonlinear programming, MSc, H.M.I. Pousinho, UBI, 07-2009 (concluded successfully).




- Predicting wind power in the short-term using artificial neural networks, MSc, N.M.S. Martins, UBI, 10-2008 (concluded successfully).


- Cogeneration and trigeneration: study of technologies, legal framework and industry applications, MSc, H.E.F.S. Bicho, UBI, 09-2008 (concluded successfully).


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