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- Habilitation for Full Professor ("Agregação"), unanimous approval, University of Beira Interior, 10-2013

- PhD, unanimous approval, University of Beira Interior, 07-2007

- MSc, unanimous approval, Instituto Superior Técnico, 12-2003

- Licenciatura (5-year BSc), with honors, University of Beira Interior, 07-1998



Expertise Topics                             


- Power System Operations and Planning

- Distributed Renewable Generation

- Power System Economics and Electricity Markets

- Demand Response and Smart Grid





- IEEE (Power & Energy Society), Senior Member, since 09-2012

- Portuguese Council of Engineers, Senior Member, since 11-2010



Involvement in Projects (as Coordinator)                       


- Unlocking demand response potential with Next generation innovative optimization Tools Empowering prosumers and Distribution grid benefits — UNiTED, Ref. POCI-01-0145-FEDER-029803, FCT-Portugal, from 06-2018 to 05-2021 (ongoing).

Principal Investigator

Funding: € 239.340,31


- Enhancing Smart GRIDS for Sustainability — ESGRIDS, Ref. POCI-01-0145-FEDER-016434, COMPETE 2020-Portugal, from 01-2017 to 12-2020 (ongoing).

Coordinator at C-MAST/UBI (WP4 Leader)

Funding: € 2.106.839,05


- Techno-Economic Optimization of Electric Generation Systems based on Renewable Energies in the Iberian Electricity Market, Ref. ENE2013-48517-C2-1-R, MINECO-Spain, from 06-2014 to 05-2017 (concluded successfully).

Coordinator at UBI

Funding: € 31.000,00


- Smart and Sustainable Insular Electricity Grids Under Large-Scale Renewable Integration — SINGULAR, Grant Agreement No: 309048, FP7-EU, from 12-2012 to 11-2015 (concluded successfully).

Primary Coordinator

Funding: € 5.259.445,00


- Assessment of Risk and Uncertainty in Large-Scale Integration of Distributed Generation and Demand-Side Management towards a Sustainable and Smart Grid, Ref. PTDC/EEA-EEL/118519/2010, FCT-Portugal, from 02-2012 to 01-2015 (concluded successfully).

Principal Investigator

Funding: € 133.000,00


- Weather Intelligence for Renewable Energies, Ref. WIRE, COST Action ES1002, European Science Foundation, from 03-2011 to 11-2014 (concluded successfully).

Coordinator at UBI


- Optimal Operations Planning of Hydro Energy Systems in Competitive Environment, Ref. E-162/12, CRUP/MICINN-Spain, from 01-2012 to 12-2013 (concluded successfully).

Principal Investigator

Funding: € 10.000,00


- Optimal Scheduling and Offering Strategies for Power Producers considering a Mixed Generation Portfolio, Uncertainty and Risk-Management, Ref. PTDC/EEA-EEL/110102/2009, FCT-Portugal, from 01-2011 to 12-2013 (concluded successfully).

Principal Investigator

Funding: € 89.500,00


- Open Field Laboratory for Certification of Small Wind Generators, Ref. 555687/2010-4, CNPq/MCT-Brazil, from 10-2010 to 07-2013 (concluded successfully).

Coordinator at UBI

Funding: € 152.290,00


- Intelligent Monitoring, Control and Security of Critical Infrastructure Systems, Ref. IntelliCIS, COST Action IC0806, European Science Foundation, from 03-2011 to 05-2013 (concluded successfully).

Coordinator at UBI



Academic Activities 


Supervision of Visiting Scientists (PhD holders who have scientific curricula of high merit, equivalent to Assistant Professor)  [1]


- Investigation on renewable energy integration and emerging resources in electricity markets, Visiting Scientist, Assist. Prof. eq. Dr. M. Shafie-khah, UBI, 08-2018 (concluded successfully).


Supervision of post-doctoral fellows  [18]


- Optimal planning and operation of microgrids to improve resilience in active distribution systems, Dr. J.M.H. Ortiz, INESC TEC, 09-2021 (expected conclusion date).


- A multi-stage optimization framework for energy management system considering demand response programs, post-doctoral fellow, Dr. M.S. Javadi, INESC TEC, 05-2020 (concluded successfully).


- Demand response study considering end-users’ behavior for a sustainable smart grid, post-doctoral fellow, Dr. G.J. Osório, UBI, 01-2019 (concluded successfully).


- Optimization of grid planning and operation based on new reconfiguration strategies to improve reliability under smart grids development, post-doctoral fellow, Dr. S.F. Santos, UBI, 01-2019 (concluded successfully).


- Investigation on energy management systems and alternative converter interfaces to promote integration of renewable generation systems, post-doctoral fellow, Dr. E.M.G. Rodrigues, UBI, 07-2018 (concluded successfully).


- Coordination of existing and emerging flexibility options for sustainable and integrated energy systems, post-doctoral fellow, Dr. D.Z. Fitiwi, UBI, 01-2018 (concluded successfully).


- New business models in demand side and related regulation changes on wholesale energy and reserve markets equilibrium, post-doctoral fellow, Dr. M.Y. Damavandi, UBI, 07-2017 (concluded successfully).


- Energy optimization under demand response programs through advanced control techniques, post-doctoral fellow, Dr. R. Godina, UBI, 07-2017 (concluded successfully).


- Biomass thermochemical conversion technologies and derived fuels development, post-doctoral fellow, Dr. L.J.R. Nunes, UBI, 02-2016 (concluded successfully).


- Competitive operation of distribution networks containing renewables and energy storage systems, post-doctoral fellow, Dr. A.W. Bizuayehu, UBI, 11-2015 (concluded successfully).


- Analysis of generation flexibility thresholds and probabilistic model during wind power curtailments in power systems, post-doctoral fellow, Dr. S.M. Martínez, UBI, 09-2015 (concluded successfully).


- Study of plug-in electric vehicle – demand response aggregator’s behaviour in electricity markets, post-doctoral fellow, Dr. M. Shafie-khah, UBI, 09-2015 (concluded successfully).


- New strategies of renewable energies and storage systems to offer energy competitively in electricity markets, post-doctoral fellow, Dr. A.A.S. de la Nieta, UBI, 07-2015 (concluded successfully).


- Optimal generation scheduling in power systems with high integration of renewable power sources, post-doctoral fellow, Dr. J.M. Lujano-Rojas, UBI, 01-2015 (concluded successfully).


- Mitigation of non-dispatchable source variations with controllable loads, smart self-scheduling and demand response strategies, post-doctoral fellow, Dr. O. Erdinc, UBI, 01-2015 (concluded successfully).


- Control strategies for the stable operation of distributed generation units in smart grids, post-doctoral fellow, Dr. E. Pouresmaeil, UBI, 01-2015 (concluded successfully).


- Robust control and optimization of distributed generation based smart micro-grids, post-doctoral fellow, Dr. S.R. Mohanty, UBI and Cie3-IST, 10-2012 (concluded successfully).


- Study of grid-connected wind energy conversion systems considering new power converters and new control strategies, post-doctoral fellow, Dr. R. Melício, UBI and Cie3-IST, 03-2012 (concluded successfully).


Supervision of theses  [79]


PhD  [21]




MSc  [58]





Publications  [858]


Total citations from Google Scholar: more than 15780 (h-index: 63; i10-index: 303).

Total citations from Scopus: more than 11545 (h-index: 54).

Total citations from Web of Science: more than 7788 (h-index: 46).


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Other Scientific Achievements


Theses  [2]


- J.P.S. Catalão, "New methodologies for optimization of hydrothermal power systems" (in Portuguese), PhD Thesis, UBI, December 2006.


- J.P.S. Catalão, "Short-term operational planning of hydroelectric power systems" (in Portuguese), MSc Thesis, IST, December 2003.


Patents  [2]




Keynote, Plenary And Invited Lectures  [12]


- Plenary Speaker, "Towards higher renewables penetration in insular power systems", UPEC 2020 — 55th International Universities Power Engineering Conference (technically co-sponsored by IEEE), Torino, Italy, 2020.


- Keynote Lecture, "Decarbonisation of energy systems on geographical islands", AUPEC 201929th Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference (technically co-sponsored by IEEE), Fiji, November 2019.


- Invited Lecture, "Towards a greener and smart grid: Insular grids perspective using novel tools", UPEC 2016 — 51st International Universities' Power Engineering Conference (technically co-sponsored by IEEE), Coimbra, Portugal, September 2016.


- Invited Lecture, "Integration of renewable generation in isolated systems”, in Risk Management in Power Systems: from Theory to Practice Course of EES-UETP — Electric Energy Systems University-Enterprise Training Partnership, Porto, Portugal, June 2016.


- Keynote Lecture, "Optimal operation and planning of insular power systems towards a sustainable and smart grid", SEGE’15 — IEEE International Conference on Smart Energy Grid Engineering, Oshawa, Canada, August 2015.


- Keynote Lecture, "Maximizing renewable energy sources penetration in European islands", PowerEng 2015 — 5th International Conference on Power Engineering, Energy and Electrical Drives (technically co-sponsored by IEEE), Riga, Latvia, May 2015.


- Keynote Lecture, "Smart and sustainable insular electricity grids: from forecasting to operations and planning", ICREPQ´15 — International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality, La Coruña, Spain, March 2015.


- Invited Lecture, "Large-scale integration of renewable energy in island grids” (in Portuguese), National Workshop of Electromechanical Engineering, Covilhã, Portugal, February 2015.


- Keynote Lecture, "Large-scale renewable integration on insular electricity grids", AUPEC 201424th Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference (technically co-sponsored by IEEE), Perth, Australia, September/October 2014.


- Keynote Lecture, "Operating Spanish and Portuguese power grid with significant wind: dynamics and control challenges”, 11th International Workshop on Large-Scale Integration of Wind Power into Power Systems, Lisbon, Portugal, November 2012.


- Invited Lecture, "Research in electric power systems for sustainability and competitiveness” (in Portuguese), Portuguese National Laboratory for Energy and Geology (LNEG), Lisbon, Portugal, December 2010.


- Invited Lecture, "Optimization in run-off river systems", 3rd International Workshop on Hydro Scheduling in Competitive Electricity Markets, Oslo, Norway, June 2008.


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Other Contributions


Conferences Chair and Organizer  [13]


- Honorary Chair, SEST 2021 — 4th International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and Technologies (technically co-sponsored by IEEE PES, IEEE IES, IEEE IAS and IEEE PELS), Vaasa, Finland, 2021.


- Track Co-Chair (Energy, Water, and Waste), ISC2 2020 — 6th IEEE Annual International Smart Cities Conference, Virtual Conference, 2020.


- Track Co-Chair (Smart Grid Technologies and Applications), IEEE CPE - POWERENG 2020 — 14th International Conference on Compatibility, Power Electronics and Power Engineering, Setúbal, Portugal, 2020.


- General Co-Chair, SEST 2020 — 3rd International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and Technologies (technically co-sponsored by IEEE PES, IEEE IES and IEEE IAS), Istanbul, Turkey, 2020.

   Proceedings available at: 

   In the 2020 Top Conferences Ranking for Computer Science:


- Organizer of the Special Session on “Data-Driven Operation of IoT-Enabled Microgrid”, IECON 2019 — 45th IEEE Annual Conference of the Industrial Electronics Society, Lisbon, Portugal, 2019.


- General Chair, SEST 2019 — 2nd International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and Technologies (technically co-sponsored by IEEE PES, IEEE IES and IET), Porto, Portugal, 2019.   

   Proceedings available at:


- Organizer of the Special Session on “Industrial Informatics Applications for Transportation Electrification towards a Smarter Grid”, INDIN 2018 — 16th IEEE International Conference of Industrial Informatics, Porto, Portugal, 2018.


- Technical Chair, SEST 2018 — International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and Technologies (technically co-sponsored by IEEE IES), Sevilla, Spain, 2018.

   Proceedings available at:


- Track Co-Chair (Energy Infrastructures and Batteries), AUTOMOTIVE 2017 — International Conference of Electrical and Electronic Technologies for Automotive (technically co-sponsored by IEEE), Torino, Italy, 2017.


- Track Chair (Sustainable Development, Energy Harvesting and Storage), IEEE EmergiTech 2016 Conference, Mauritius, 2016.


- Organizing Committee Chair, 3rd IGREENGrid-SiNGULAR-SuSTAINABLE Global Joint Conference (covering energy storage, forecasting, generation curtailment, demand side management, voltage control, scalability & replicability topics), Caparica, Portugal, 2015.


- Track Chair (Sustainable Engineering, Energy and Environment; Power Electronics and Power Systems), IEEE AFRICON 2013 Conference, Mauritius, 2013.


- General Chair, EuroPES 2012 — 11th IASTED European Conference on Power and Energy Systems, Napoli, Italy, 2012.


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- Marine Renewable Energy Ireland (MaREI) - The Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Marine Renewable Energy Research

2019, 1 review


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- Research Council of Norway

2020, 31 reviews


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- Icelandic Research Fund

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- Research Council of Norway

2012, 2 reviews; 2010, 2 reviews; 2008, 2 reviews


- Research Grant Council of Hong Kong

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- American University of Beirut, Lebanon

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2015, 2 reviews


- United Arab Emirates University

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- FCT-China

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- Croatian Science Foundation

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- Research Foundation Flanders

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- Czech Science Foundation

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- Chilean National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research

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- Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology

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- Estonian Research Council

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- Dutch Research Council

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- Swiss National Science Foundation

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- Springer

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- Elsevier

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- Wiley-IEEE Press

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- International Basil Papadias Award

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