Workshop 2020

The C4 started operating in December 2018 and has been growing ever since. Currently the centre counts as collaborators around 20 grantees and 50 faculty members from UBI, IPCB and IPG.

The gathered scientific expertise is broad in scope and organised in 4 main research lines addressing different aspects of Cloud Computing.

The focus of C4 is on research & innovation activities that may bring together academic and non academic parties, from industry to public administration, with the goal of providing solutions and support technology transfer in the wide realm of cloud computing.

The focus of the research line is on advancing the state-of- the-art of the cloud ecosystem, in such a way that allows for a better and more secure exploration of the resources and services made available to the users by the cloud system providers. This line will make available validation and verification of non-functional requirements as a service and contribute to a secure ecosystem that integrates Cloud and Internet of Things.

Head of the Research Line | Pedro Inácio

This line has the following main goals: the conversion and adaptation of generic applications to the cloud context; the use of the cloud as a platform to support data storage for generic applications; the use of the cloud as a computational platform to allow applications to grow in terms of the size of the problems they are able to deal with, taking advantage of the computational processing capabilities of the cloud.

Head of the Research Line | Luís Alexandre

The work carried out in this research line exploits the cloud as a technological infrastructure that enables data exploration using advanced mining approaches. The cloud opens an array of possibilities in terms of algorithms and data processing, such as distributed, elastic and parallel processing. The big advantage lies in the large amount of data that will be possible to process. The areas that will be addressed include structured data as well as unstructured data. On the one hand, the advancement of data mining methods for cloud and big data will be pursued, and on the other hand, new products and services, with high industrial value, will be developed.

Head of the Research Line | Manuel C. Lemos

This research line has as main goals the development and use of the cloud technologies as an instrument that: enables a greater efficiency and proximity with the Public Administration, and in particular, the municipalities; enables Social Innovation; enables new ways to provide medical care, including telemedicine. These goals will be achieved ensuring that all legal guarantees are met, such as, security, privacy and auditability.

Head of the Research Line | Simão Melo de Sousa